The Black Crowes Warpaint Live 2009 1080p MBluRay REPACK x264-HDMD

The Black Crowes are one of the all-time great live rock bands. Their shows are legendary and regularly
sell out in record time wherever in the world they play. This new live BRD was filmed on March 20, 2008 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles during the tour in support of their critically acclaimed new studio album Warpaint. The concert features live versions of the whole of the Warpaint album plus a mixture of previously unreleased cover versions and some of their own classics.

1) Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
2) Walk Believer Walk
3) Oh Josephine
4) Evergreen
5) We Who See The Deep
6) Locust Street
7) Movin On Down The Line
8) Wounded Bird
9) God’s Got It
10) There’s Gold In Them Hills
11) Whoa Mule
12) Poor Elijah Tribute To Johnson
13) Darling Of The Underground Press
14) Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
15) Don t Know Why
16) Torn And Frayed
17) Hey Grandma


Artist:	The Black Crowes
Title: Warpaint Live - live at the Wiltern 2008
Genre: Rock
Resolution: 1920x1080
Video-bitrate: 9531 Kbps
Audio-bitrate: 1510 DTS Kbps
Runtime: 1h 43mn

PS: old x264 used